Getaway Car



DEAD ALIVE? This is how pretty cool hard 'n' heavy bands are called, founded by snotty little girls like SINA NIKLAS (*1985; Berlin) at the age of 13, aside from recorder concerts in order to gain attention for the first time.

Her distinctive, yet strong voice shows the whole range of styles between growling/ screaming and sore throat as well as clean vocals, only a few femal vocalists can provide.


Fronting the metal band OPRHAN HATE as their vocalist, lyricist and co-songwriter (since 2004, two released records, countless shows in Europe and Russia), Sina manages, being the only German, female singer next to Sandra Nasic of GUANO APES, to rock the masses of the legendary Woodstock-Festival (2010, co-headlining PAPA ROACH).


What now? Pop? Rock? Buckle up! It's gonna be music to hit the road, to escape, straight forward: SINA NIKLAS hurtles off (all alone, with you, and no license at all!), in her GETAWAY CAR.


Between us: People might say, Sina is the mussical reincarnation of Suzie Quatro, Linda Perry and Pink, combined in this enchanting little person – but then she gives you this touchy look, with her big eyes...and before we're getting into deep...


Exactly! Be careful! Why is it even necessary to use the third person? Nobody knows? Theses careful chosen words are supposed to create an even “more“ beautiful image of the person, Sina Niklas, for you. Well, I guess that's me!

When it comes to music and images I'm pretty sure you'll find some.




That's right! GETAWAY CAR has been created, because it had to be. Its content, music and emotions.

Usually that would be the time an place to paint an even higher, faster and louder picture, to justify...but what? Yet another solo-record of just another singer-/ songwriter-girl?


GETAWAY CAR invites you to listen to music, somewhere between Rock and Pop, and to feel it, to let loose every now and then, with me and all those creative people, helping. Because: There's no such thing as a solo-record!


GETAWAY CAR provides catchy melodies, makes you dance, or think, all in all it moves you.


Influenced by bands like Metallica and Nirvana, Bon Jovi and Stone Sour, Matchbox Twenty and 30 Seconds to Mars...and all the other..., GETAWAY CAR is definitely the first step, loaded with the necessary magalomania and total self-doubt, to get closer filling those shoes.


Well, give it a try and get in!