...this is gonna be fun this sat...I feel like hell, but it's worth it, especially working with such beautful people as Tom Geldschläger, Romain Vicente, Jacob Thauer, Marcus Auerbach, Christian Kröhl, Christoph Reuß, Knicki Knacki, Bettina Schoch, Mario Raguse any many more...there's no such thing as a solo-project!!!!!!!!!



Yeeeeeaaaaah....I've got the tickets...Get one here!


And I've thought of something you remember the time, we had to use a pencil in order to straighten out our music? ;)


Have a good night,





Christian Kröhl has taken a few pictures of me, in- and outdoor. A few of them at least you've already seen.

In order to do so, we've walked through Berlin a little bit, and managed to find this incredible old gas station, at least parts of it, or rather he did...beautiful I might add...

And the "Cake" Café in Berlin, Kreuzberg allowed us to their beautiful space as well. During this shoot we had a couple of cool and very good drinks. Try them! ;)


Very, very, very special thanks to

Christian Kröhl

and Knicki Knacki who helped out a lot again, and of course to those nice female bartenders at the "Cake"!



Tom aka Fountainhead not only distributed a few soli on my record GETAWAY CAR, he even managed to make it sound great, mixed and mastered the first three songs. 

Give it a try and watch what he looks like playing the solo on "Are You In"!


drums by Romain Vicente

bass by Knicki Knacki



Finally, GETAWAY CAR is up on facebook and twitter, a work in progress...but still...;)



Hey folks, currently I'm working on the vocals for my new project GETAWAY CAR. It's gonna be different, it's gonna be fun, it's gonna be great! :D

Cheers, Sina